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Independence Day

Today is Independence Day.  The freedom we enjoy was purchased with the blood of Patriots more than 237 years ago and has been guaranteed down through the years by the brave men and women who have faithfully served and sacrificed on our behalf.  I am proud to say that many of my own relatives and […]

Food & Drink

An Exquisite Margarita

In celebration of National Margarita Day I am pleased to offer up for you consideration and enjoyment my Exquisite Margarita recipe.  I created this modeled after Pappasito’s Exquisito Margarita.  Enjoy! 4 oz lime juice w/ lemon (basically this is the juice of 4 small limes plus juice of ½ lemon) 3 oz simple syrup 2 oz […]

Lutheran Christianity

Newtown, CT Aftermath

I wanted to use my corner of the web to promote a well-written blog related to the tragic events in Newton, CT.  Pastor St.-Onge is one of the pastors at my church and his Houston Chronicle blog is well worth a regular visit.   Please check out this blog entry:

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Emoji With Friends

Tired of the “standard” smiles, winks, and faces that are built into the text messaging on your phone?  Then maybe you need to spice things up with a little Emoji! Emoji have long been available in both the Apple and Android world.  What some people don’t know is how to do Emoji without having to […]

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Urban Lore

When was the last time you received an email from someone that talked about some important subject and then read, “Forward this to as many people as you can!”? Perhaps it was the email about how telemarketers are going to start flooding your cell phone with solicitations. Maybe it was the one about James Dobson’s […]